Ye Olde Xmas

Ye Olde Xmas transports you to the nostalgic Christmas celebrations of yesteryears, where real trees adorned homes and hearths glowed warmly against the winter cold. This fragrance combines the comforting scents of pine, mistletoe, and spices with citrusy Christingle notes, embodying the essence of festive traditions past and present.

What does pine smell like?
Pine has a fresh, resinous fragrance obtained from the needles of pine trees. It evokes the crisp scent of evergreen forests, adding a natural and invigorating aroma to the fragrance.

What does amber orange smell like?
Amber orange has a warm, citrusy fragrance extracted from the zest of oranges infused with amber resin. It offers a bright and uplifting aroma with subtle resinous undertones, reminiscent of sun-kissed citrus groves.

What does mandarin smell like?
Mandarin has a sweet, tangy fragrance obtained from the peel of mandarin oranges. It adds a refreshing burst of citrusy freshness to the fragrance, reminiscent of ripe mandarin oranges freshly picked from the orchard.

What does cloves smell like?
Cloves have a warm, spicy fragrance derived from the dried flower buds of the clove tree. They emit a rich and aromatic scent with sweet and peppery undertones, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance.

What does cinnamon smell like?
Cinnamon has a warm, sweet fragrance obtained from the bark of cinnamon trees. It exudes a comforting aroma with spicy undertones, reminiscent of freshly ground cinnamon sticks, adding a cosy warmth to the fragrance.

What does nutmeg smell like?
Nutmeg has a warm, spicy fragrance obtained from the seeds of the nutmeg tree. It emits an aromatic and slightly earthy scent with sweet and nutty undertones, adding richness and depth to the fragrance.

What does star anise smell like?
Star anise has a sweet, licorice-like fragrance obtained from the star-shaped fruits of the star anise tree. It offers an exotic and aromatic aroma with hints of spice and warmth, adding intrigue to the fragrance blend.

What does frankincense smell like?
Frankincense has a warm, resinous fragrance obtained from the sap of the Boswellia tree. It emits a rich and luxurious scent with citrusy and spicy undertones, evoking ancient rituals and sacred ceremonies.

What does mistletoe smell like?
Mistletoe has a fresh, green fragrance with hints of berries and woods. It offers a festive and uplifting aroma, reminiscent of the traditional Christmas plant, adding a touch of holiday cheer to the fragrance.

What does oudh smell like?
Oudh has a rich, woody fragrance derived from the resinous heartwood of agarwood trees. It exudes a complex and intoxicating scent with earthy and smoky undertones, adding depth and mystery to the fragrance blend.

What does patchouli smell like?
Patchouli has a warm, earthy fragrance obtained from the leaves of the patchouli plant. It emits a sensual and grounding aroma with sweet and spicy undertones, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance.