Fireside ~ FS

Fireside invites you on the deeply luxurious scent journey, beginning with vibrant top notes of bergamot, lemon leaf, and invigorating spices, complemented by the fresh accents of eucalyptus, soothing lavender, and summery geranium. As the scent unfolds, it reveals a rich and exotic base, featuring the warmth of red cedar and massoia wood, intertwined with the opulence of amber, the resinous aroma of frankincense, and the lingering allure of musks. This complex blend offers a sensorial experience that captivates the senses and transports you to a place of sophistication and elegance.

What does Bergamot smell like?
Bergamot has a fresh, citrusy scent with floral undertones and a hint of bitterness. It's often described as uplifting, bright, and slightly sweet, reminiscent of a sunny Mediterranean orchard.

What does lemon leaf smell like?
Lemon leaf has a crisp, zesty fragrance with bright citrus notes and a hint of green freshness. It's often described as invigorating and revitalising, evoking the essence of a lemon grove on a warm summer's day.

What does eucalyptus smell like?
Eucalyptus has a fresh, clean, and camphoraceous scent with subtle hints of sweetness. It's often described as invigorating and uplifting, reminiscent of the Australian bush or a spa-like atmosphere.

What does lavender smell like?
Lavender has a sweet, floral, and herbaceous fragrance with hints of freshness and a touch of earthiness. It's renowned for its calming and soothing properties, often used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and sleep.

What does geranium smell like?
Geranium has a fresh, floral scent with hints of rose and citrus. It's often described as uplifting and balancing, with a slightly sweet undertone, making it a popular choice in perfumery and skincare products.

What does red cedar smell like?
Red cedar has a warm, woody fragrance with hints of sweetness and a subtle resinous quality. It's often described as comforting and grounding, evoking the scent of a cedarwood forest or a cosy cabin retreat.

What does massoia wood smell like?
Massoia wood has a creamy, coconut-like scent with sweet and nutty undertones. It's often described as exotic and indulgent, adding richness and depth to fragrances and perfumes.

What does amber smell like?
Amber has a warm, resinous, and slightly sweet fragrance with notes of vanilla, wood, and musk. It's often described as rich, comforting, and luxurious, adding depth and sensuality to perfumes and fragrances.

What does frankincense smell like?
Frankincense has a rich, resinous, and slightly spicy scent with hints of citrus and woody undertones. It's often described as calming and meditative, used in religious ceremonies and aromatherapy for its grounding and uplifting properties.

What do musks smell like?
Musk has a complex, animalic scent with notes of sweetness, earthiness, and warmth. It's often described as sensual and alluring, adding depth and longevity to fragrances, creating a lingering allure.