Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli ~ DPR&P

Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli is a feminine and uplifting scent that fits beautifully in any season. This decadent fragrance evokes warm, exotic nights at glamorous old Mediterranean villas, marrying sweet fruity aromas with exotic spice and a hint of seductive musk.

What does damson plum smell like?
Damson plum has a sweet, juicy fragrance with rich and tart undertones. It's succulent and indulgent, reminiscent of ripe damson plums at the peak of their sweetness, adding a luscious fruitiness to fragrances.

What does rose smell like?
Rose has a sweet, floral fragrance with warm and romantic undertones. It's classic and timeless, often associated with love and romance, evoking the scent of freshly picked rose petals.

What does patchouli smell like?
Patchouli has a rich, earthy fragrance with sweet and spicy undertones. It's grounding and exotic, reminiscent of damp earth and exotic spices, adding depth and complexity to fragrances.

What does musk smell like?
Musk has a complex, animalic scent with notes of sweetness, earthiness, and warmth. It's sensual and alluring, adding depth and longevity to fragrances, creating a lingering allure.