What does Christmas Tree smell like?

Christmas Tree embodies the essence of the festive season with its rich herbal fragrance dominated by Siberian Pine, accompanied by notes of eucalyptus and precious woods. This scent evokes memories of freshly cut pine trees, filling the air with the crispness of evergreen forests and the warmth of the holiday season.

What does Siberian Pine smell like?
Siberian Pine has a fresh, woody fragrance with hints of resin and a subtle piney undertone. It's reminiscent of walking through a snowy pine forest, evoking the crispness and purity of winter air.

What does eucalyptus smell like?
Eucalyptus has a cooling, minty fragrance with hints of camphor and a touch of sweetness. It's invigorating and revitalising, reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves, adding a refreshing and cleansing aroma to fragrances.

What do precious woods smell like?
Precious woods encompass a range of fragrances from rich and woody to warm and resinous. They can include scents like cedarwood, sandalwood, and guaiacwood, adding depth and complexity to fragrances with their earthy and aromatic qualities.

What does cedarwood smell like?
Cedarwood has a warm, woody fragrance with hints of resin and a subtle sweetness. It's comforting and grounding, reminiscent of cedar trees in a forest, adding a touch of natural elegance to fragrances.

What does sandalwood smell like?
Sandalwood has a creamy, woody fragrance with warm and exotic undertones. It's often described as sensual and meditative, reminiscent of sandalwood trees in a serene forest, adding a touch of luxury to fragrances.

What does guaiacwood smell like?
Guaiacwood has a rich, smoky fragrance with hints of spice and a touch of sweetness. It's complex and intriguing, reminiscent of guaiacwood trees in a tropical forest, adding depth and character to fragrances.