Cassis & Fig ~ C&F

Step into an enchanting garden soirée with the captivating Cassis & Fig Fragrance. The juicy sweetness of the fragrance feels like an elegant perfume and sets the mood for a vibrant affair. While the woody and fresh notes perfectly mingle with each other, this beautifully balanced fragrance turns any space into a whimsical and romantic garden setting.

What does cassis smell like?
Cassis has a sweet, fruity fragrance with tart and slightly floral undertones. It's reminiscent of ripe blackcurrants, adding a juicy sweetness to fragrances.

What does fig smell like?
Fig has a sweet, earthy fragrance with rich and creamy undertones. It's indulgent and exotic, reminiscent of ripe figs freshly plucked from the tree, adding a warm and sensual aroma to fragrances.

What do woody notes smell like?
Woody notes have a warm, earthy fragrance with hints of cedar, sandalwood, and other wood essences. They're grounding and comforting, reminiscent of a walk through a forest, adding depth and complexity to fragrances.

What do fresh notes smell like?
Fresh notes have a crisp, clean fragrance with hints of citrus, green leaves, and aquatic accords. They're invigorating and revitalising, reminiscent of a cool breeze on a sunny day, adding a refreshing aspect to fragrances.