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Amazon - Pillow mist

Amazon - Pillow mist

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Transform Your Nights with Blissful Sleep

Struggling to find peace at bedtime? Our Aromatic Lavender, Clary Sage, Camomile and Geranium, entwined with refreshing notes of Bergamot. Essential Oil Pillow Spray is the perfect solution for a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. This luxurious 100ml spray combines the calming aromas to help you unwind, reduce stress, and drift into a tranquil slumber.

How to Use:

Simply spritz this delightful blend over your pillows and bedding just before bedtime. Let the soothing scent envelop you, relaxing your mind and body as you ease into a serene night's rest.

Handcrafted Quality:

Our Pillow Sprays are meticulously hand blended at ‘Kettleby Kitchen’ in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, ensuring each bottle is made with care and love.


100ml Essential Oil Pillow Spray
Care label for optimal use and safety warnings.

Indulge in the tranquility you deserve and make every night a peaceful escape. Order now and experience the soothing power of essential oils.


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